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Jack Russell Coaching has a select team of coaches at hand ready to help you become the best you.

With over 25 years of experience and a variety of personalities and interests our coaches can offer you the support you are looking for, we specialise in motivation and personal development.


Jack Russell

Founder of JRC, Motivational Speaker, NLP Master Practioner, Insights Practioner, Personal Development Coach

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Sarah Crook

Finance and Office Manager

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Testimonial of One to One Client:

“My 1-2-1 with Jack has been an absolutely amazing and enormous turning point in my life. I met him in December feeling lost and miserable, completely lacking confidence and self-worth but knowing that I had to pull myself out of this negativity and rediscover the real ‘me’. From the moment we started talking, I knew that my 1-2-1 experience was going to help me turn the corner and focus me in the right direction. I was able to clear my mind of past issues and ghosts, leaving them swirling round in the ‘eddy’ of the local river – hugely cathartic! I have set positive and realistic goals for the future and in only three weeks, I am well on my way to achieving most of them and planning for my new business to take off in the next 2-3 weeks. I’m starting to set new goals and looking excitedly towards my medium and long term future. I still have my great memories of the past but I am no longer living in it.An incredible experience that I am so grateful for. Thank you so much Jack"