Jack Russell

Founder of JRC, Motivational Speaker, NLP Master Practioner, Insights Practioner, Personal Development Coach

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“A passion for people”

Jack is the founder and director of PDC Inspiration ltd. Jack’s passion throughout life has been to positively influence and motivate others, helping people to achieve their desired potential. With such ambition, it is no surprise that Jack strived to be, and became a motivational speaker, personal development coach and inspirational author. Over the past twenty five years Jack has set up and run two successful businesses that have positively influenced over a hundred thousand people, helping individuals to unlock their hidden talents.

Jack’s journey began with a keen sense of adventure. Having studied a BA Hons in Psychology and Recreation at the Purdue University, Indiana. Jack gained many professional outdoor qualifications on the way, including the highest level kayak coaching award, BCU Level 5. Jack also taught geography for a time, which developed his keen interest in education. During his time as a director of the Adventure Centre at Kelly College, Jack had the privilege of meeting many inspirational influences, which further developed his interest in positive psychology and challenging himself beyond comfort.

Since the adventure centre days, Jack has become a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, an Insights Discovery Practitioner, and Motivational Mapping Provider. He has completed the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race, covering a distance of 125 miles, ten times. Most recently in a K2 with his wife. He has led expeditions around the world, skied to the North Pole, run the London Marathon four times, walked and kayaked from Shetland to the Isles of Scilly; on a journey to inspire our nation, where he spoke in every town and city that he passed through. Jack has also written two books; “Don’t tell the Bumblebee” a light hearted book that helps people to develop positive self-belief, and “Bee Happy” a guide to positive life strategies. Jack’s most recent goal and passion is to help redevelop the education system to integrate positive life skills, confidence and self-belief for the young people of Britain.

As a successful business owner, Jack still makes time for what matters to him the most; his family, friends, people and his many adventures to come.

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